‌Teachers want the best for your child and whenever they see something going wrong they never hesitate to inform you.  How you perceive advice given by your child's teacher will play an important role in helping you know your child better and in creating a rapport between you and your child's teacher.

Here is what teachers want you as parents to know:

Testing is not the end

Education is much more than just sitting for exams and passing. Teachers want you to know that testing is only a way for them to know if your child understood and know where to improve next time. Testing  motivates your child and makes learning an enjoyable experience through healthy competition with others.

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It is okay for your child to fail

If your child  fails an exam or test, that does not mark the end. Encourage your children  to embrace their failures and learn from them so that they can improve on them and improve on their self esteem. You can support them by encouraging them to ask question when they get stuck.

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Your child could be living a double life

The character your child depicts at home could be very different from the one at school. When your child’s teacher tells you something about your child's behavior, always listen and talk to your child about the issue raised instead of turning on the teacher.

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Your child's homework is not your responsibility

Your responsibility, as a parent, is only to check if it is complete and not to do the homework for your child. You can only help your child by giving guidance on how to do it. Remember, your child does not have to get everything right. It's okay to fails sometimes.

Avoid negative talk in front of your child

Children follow what you say as the parent and carry the negativity to the school. Teachers can always tell where it came from. As a result, badmouthing your child's teachers or school when the child is around.

How to prepare your children for moving out
Moving out takes an emotional toll on the children now are moving to the abyss which is living solo. This comes with a lot of overwhelming confusion that should be put at ease before it deters the grown child’s dream of moving out.

Pay attention to your child

Sometimes, it's hard for you as a parent to give your child the attention they deserve especially when you have busy work schedules. However, it's necessary to take time off and listen to your child's concerns especially those that are related to school and help them where possible.

In a nutshell...

Teachers play an important role in shaping your child's future. However, this should not be reason for you to abandon your place as a parent in your child's life. The more involved you are, the easier the teacher's work becomes.

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