Life in the city is already tough enough  as it is but it can get a little bit more tasking for women in particular. In Nairobi, the things that city women have to go through at the hands of men and society in general are overwhelming.

Here are the top four things that city women  have to endure on a daily.

Sexual discrimination at the work place.

Yes we said it. In this day and age women still face sexual discrimination. This new type of sexual discrimination is not the traditional old gender war between the sexes (which is still rampant), but is an all out female battle. Such practices take on a more covert style. They are more subtle, quite hard to prove as they rarely leave any hint of hard evidence behind. Straight up form the recruitment phase to on the job phase, the ‘beautiful’ ladies are being preferred over their ‘not-so-beautiful’ counterparts.Yes they have what it takes to deliver a clean job but based on their looks, they are discriminated against. The brainy plain Jane misses opportunities just because she doesn’t know how to strut in some six inch heel, just because she can’t contour or pull a perfect cat eye, just cause her fashion sense is bland… she ends up missing opportunities.

Violence at home

As the world celebrates the 16 days of activism against gender based violence which is held from 25 November every year, more and more women still suffer violence. Violence takes on both emotional and physical abuse. A recent study by World Health Organisation revealed that 32% of young Kenyan women aged 18–24 years experience sexual violence before the age of 18.

Taking care of men

Women have become empowered to the levels that they are finding themselves the providers. It is becoming normal to find men in the city wholly dependant on their wives or girlfriends for upkeep. Such behaviour has even crossed over to the office space with male colleagues requesting their female counterparts to make them a cup of tea, organize the board room once the meeting is over just to mention but a few.

Pressure to get married and threat of divorce

Single ladies are having it handed to them hot on matters marriage. From that nosy neighbour always checking you out when you come home late , to that naggy auntie making unsolicited marriage prayers for you during the get together, to busybody Tom from the office with his shrewd remarks. Everyone seems more concerned about your wedding and who you will be getting married to other than yourself! Its just too much unnecessary drama.

Ladies, Aluta Continua!