A white shirt is a versatile piece that brings elegance and modernity to any outfit. Over the years, it has proven to be a timeless classic, staying through several seasons and never going out of style. This fashion staple helps elevate any outfit, whether casual or formal.

Here are ways you can style your white shirt:

Wear with your favourite denim trousers

Pair your white shirt with denim trousers, either high-waist, flared, straight fit, wide leg, blue or black, to achieve a simple yet classic look. You can add a belt and black heels to make the outfit stand out.

You can also the most recent trend of tucking half of your white shirt into denim trousers.

With a blazer

Wear a white shirt with a black fitted blazer. To add style, roll up the sleeves of the blazer. Ensure that your blazer fits perfectly on your body. To complement the look, add a wristwatch.

With a turtleneck

On cold days, you can layer a turtleneck underneath a white shirt. You will stay warm and still look gorgeous, but don't wear brighter colours like luminous green—wear nude-coloured turtlenecks.

With skirt

Skirts are one of the most versatile pieces, and whether straight, A-line or patterned, they make you look fantastic. You can wear any skirt with a white shirt. To complete the look, you can wear a watch and black heels.

Denim skirts will also look good paired with a white shirt and white sneakers.

With a slip dress

A slip dress is a light, spaghetti-strapped dress that resembles a slip, an undergarment worn under dresses as an extra layer. Slip dresses have a low-cut neckline, such as a V-neck or square neck, and range in length from short minidresses to long dresses that fall at the ankle. They're made of luxury fabrics like satin, silk, chiffon, or linen, and have a low-cut neckline, such as a V-neck or square neck.

You can wear your white shirt underneath a slip dress for a simple look.

Pair with leather pants

Instead of your blue trousers, switch up your style by pairing your white shirt with leather trousers. This outfit looks chic and sophisticated.

With a corset

These days, layering corsets on a white shirt is becoming very popular. You can experiment with this style to spice up your look.

Wear with swimwear

An oversized white shirt can be a good swimsuit cover-up. You don't need to worry about a cover-up next time you plan to go swimming.


With the above tips, you can create different looks with your white shirt. Whichever style you choose, remember to rock it with confidence and to enjoy yourself.

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