Uber East Africa is set to launch a roll out a special package to maximize its service provision towards tourists needs for transport at the coast in a bid to fight growing competition in the region.

Speaking to the Financial Standard, Uber East Africa head Brian Njao, revealed that the package is aimed at boosting the confidence of both drivers and clients by including safety measures, partner injury protection insurance, access, and quality and affordable healthcare cover for drivers and their families.

The company just like any any other transport service providers has been dealing with challenges that come with insecurity, competition, and cases of poor pay.

Njao further revealed that the plan intends will create an additional 12,000 job across the country with focus on residents the tourist towns like Kilifi, Watamu, Malindi and Diani where tourism is projected to peak as the Covid infections drop. The company which launched in Kenya in 2015 intends on partnering with players in the tourism industry to make their plan a reality.  

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