65 year old Underwear thief escapes death after angry neighbours wanted to lynch him, this was after he was busted red-handed stealing undergarments.

This man is from Likuyani sub county, Kakamega county he was rescued by police officers from angry residents, according to the daily nation newspaper some of the locals  claimed that the man uses the undergarments for witchcraft purposes .

The residents have been losing there underwears from clothing lines and outside bathrooms seem to be worried that the man could be in possesion of the undergarments, one of the victims Mary Nafula  told the Nation newspaper  that she has been mysteriously losing her Underwears and it had never occured to her that someone was stealing her Underwears. She now says she has to fast and pray so to prevent the alleged sorcerer from jixing her life and marriage.

The residents purposed that they would not allow him back home and they asked the police to prosecute him in court.