Before you decide to settle down with your partner, it is always good to study each other and get to know each other better.

Regardless of your busy schedules, make time to get to know your partner better. This will help cement the foundation of the beautiful journey you are about to take.

You need to grasp your spouse's point of view about relationships, finance and kids just to name a few. Some of the reasons why its important to study your partner are:

Understand each other's family

It is not only you as a couple that are getting married, your two different families are also getting intertwined. Studying your partner's family before marriage will help you understand their cultural practices, likes and dislikes. This will equip you with knowledge on how to carry yourself when you visit your in-laws.

Understand your spouse's point of view on kids

Children are a gift from God but they come with lots of needs. You are required to make sacrifices from your busy schedule to take care of them.

Understanding your partner's view about children will help you know the number of kids you would like to sire, how to space them and also prepare you psychologically to be a good parent. You may discover that your partner doesn't want to have any kids.

Know your spouse's view about marriage

Does your partner want to get married? How do they want to get married? Is it through 'come we stay' or co-habitation, going to the attorney general's office or do they want a white wedding? These are important things to discuss before marriage.

You should also learn your partner's perspective about marriage - how do they prefer to share duties and responsibilities and how will you manage your finances?

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Appreciate your partners beliefs and values

People normally tend to hold different beliefs about different aspects of life such as religion and the general outlook of life.

For instance, your partner may tend to believe that hugging your female colleague at work is wrong but to you its normal. Studying and understanding your man will help you appreciate the things that are normal to him and limit any chances of surprises once you settle together.

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