David Kalua

A story has surfaced online detailing how a university student, David Kalua , saved the life of his Uber driver-Michael- on Valentine’s Day.

According to his father, environmentalist Isaac Kalua, his quick thinking son not only saved his own life but that of his driver when the latter   became unconscious after taking   a sip   water.

“En route, just around the very busy Kamukunji area, the driver took a sip of  water and soon after went into a seizure. He collapsed on the wheel with his feet on the acceleration pedal,’’ the grateful father further narrated.

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Screenshot of David’s father narration of the incident

As the car swerved, the university student managed to reign control and even kept all the driver’s belongings safe when witnesses crowded the vehicle that almost had an accident.

He received help from  two boda boda riders who helped him move the now unconscious driver into the passenger’s  seat and even cleared traffic to help rush the man to a hospital.

David took Michael to a private hospital in South B where he paid for consultancy fees and the driver   was attended to. He   stayed   with him until the driver came to  ; three hours later.


Recuperated:New Friends ,David and the Uber Driver,Michael

Few minutes later David handed over his phones to him and the gentleman managed to fish out his wife’s number. David and the team now called the wife who was in Kahawa, Mwiki and requested her to make her way to the hospital after explaining what had transpired.At about 8pm the man was fully back to himself, thanked David and allowed him to go home as the wife was already on her way, Mr Kalua wrote .