According to the celebrity couple, there is no secret to a successful marriage. But here are some things that have kept them going for the last 12 years. They share with us the things they have taken into consideration to make their happy marriage.

We are Friends

We have known each other since our twenties and we have grown and matured together. That foundation has been instrumental in our marriage. We know each other very well. It is also important to our marriage that we are friends. We can’t be angry at each other for long, anger gets in the way of your friendship.

We stick to the positives

When you get married, it can be easy to get frustrated with each other and then remain in that negative space. We have learnt to concentrate on the positives about our relationship and the things that we do right, rather than the things that we do wrong.

We don’t hold grudges

There are plenty of couples that can really hold a grudge towards each other. We’ve met couples that tell us they can stay mad at each other for as long as two months. We’ve learnt to forgive and let bygones be bygones.

We allow room for growth

We’ve been together since our twenties and so none of us can really catch the other by surprise anymore. We’ve been able to accommodate the changes that we’ve undergone and understand where we are both coming from.