Wedding planning can be the most energy-consuming thing about any wedding; no wonder people hire wedding planners. With the pandemic, things can certainly get much harder with regards to planning. These four wedding trends, however, can help make things easier or spark some inspiration for your big day!

1.The bride can wear a suit too

Concerning weddings, there has undoubtedly been a rise in made-to-measure tailoring for women. This is not to say that traditional wedding wears are out of the window. More women are now opting for suits than before. Because, with a tailored suit, you can achieve a wide range of silhouettes and explore stunning fabric options and colors, allowing brides more versatility and control when styling both themselves and their bridesmaids. The possibilities are endless, from formal tailoring in elegant tuxedo cuts to relaxed tailoring in soft white or pastel linens.

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There is simplicity and beauty of a designer suit that allows for flexibility in styling. With suits, you can’t go wrong; it is easy for you to pair a classic tailored suit with a hat or veil and instantly achieve an exquisite standout look and still provide women with the option to adorn the traditional wedding accessories.

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2.Go micro

As the name suggests, this is a distinctive type of wedding that merges the traditions of a full-blown wedding ceremony with a minimalist mentality

A micro wedding is both elegant and budget-flexible(mostly). It is an intimate alternative to the traditional wedding. Plus, it’s more pandemic-friendly, which is why there has been a  rise in the search term micro weddings during 2020. And the trend appears to be here to stay.

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However, don’t be deterred by the term!

While micro weddings are much smaller in everything compared to the typical traditional ceremonies, it does not mean that celebration has to be any less spectacular. Regardless of how small or big, your budget is, a micro wedding offers a lot of freedom and plenty of opportunities to splurge on various elements of your wedding.

For instance, you could opt for a backyard wedding which gives you the option of tying the knot on a budget.

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3. Consider an eco-friendly wedding

Traditional weddings have always featured a lot of single-use elements – from floral arrangements to party flavors. Support for sustainability is the new norm as both vendors and couples advance towards more eco-conscious details to reduce the carbon footprint of wedding receptions and ceremonies. Brides can now re-sell their dresses through online consignment stores, teams can offer green party favors such as wildflower seed bombs, and florists can donate flowers for reuse after a wedding. It helps significantly reduce the budgeting cost of the wedding too since instead of purchasing things, you can lease and return.

4. Skip bridesmaids and groomsmen

In this pandemic, one of the most common and latest trends in weddings is the leaving out of the bridesmaids and groomsmen. You may invite a best man and best lady to co-officiate the wedding while having a fun wedding all the same. This kind of wedding gives the  focus wholly the wedding couple. This strategy also helps to avoid wedding disasters easily.

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