Accessories come in different shapes and sizes from hair accessories, footwear, belts, cuff links, handbags, and even jewellery. Accessorizing can look deceptively easy. Unfortunately, a wrong accessory choice can mess up your entire outfit. The secret to choosing your accessories is balance.

Here are guidelines to help you choose your accessories.

Consider your skin tone

One easy way to find out your skin tone is by looking at the colour of your veins. People with cool tones have blue-like veins in their skin, while those with a warm skin tone have veins that appear olive or green on the skin.

It is advisable to look at the veins in and around your neck and face to determine your skin tone. Neutral skin tones are a mixture of both cool and warm skin tones.

The best jewellery to use for individuals with cool skin tones would be white or light metals, while people with warmer skin tones pop in yellow gold or rose gold, brass and copper.

You can go with layer bracelets and bold chokers for a great look. People with neutral skin tones are considered very lucky as their skin can look amazing in both yellow and white metals.

Embrace colour

Using accessories is an easy way to add colour to simple or plain outfits. Therefore, go all out and get accessories of different colours.

Nevertheless, be mindful of the fact that colours can be challenging to work with. If you find it hard to work with colourful accessories, then go for vivacious accessories such as a belt, shoes or a scarf. They can easily elevate your style.

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Don’t be matchy-matchy

Choosing an accessory can be overwhelming. If you are confused about which colours go well together, begin by adding a colourful accessory to neutral shades of clothes. Matching accessories gives people the idea that you are more conservative than fashion-forward. Mix it up!

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A signature accessory

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Choose one statement article that makes you feel good about yourself and one that you can pair with multiple outfits. When you feel ready to add more accessories, try to strike a balance by picking one piece to dictate your look in terms of colour and size, and then layer on more elusive accessories.

Keep transformation in mind

When using the right accessories, it is easy to shift your look from office wear to dinner wear with friends. For instance, a classic small black dress is appropriate to work attire when paired with flats and a blazer.

To switch things up and transform your look to look appropriate for dinner, ditch the flats for heels, ditch the blazer, and wear a pair of statement hoops or earrings and you are ready for a night out. When you cannot do a full outfit change, have some go-to accessories to change your look.


It is not advisable to wear many accessories since they can kill your whole look. Stick to a few pieces so that your jewellery cannot go unnoticed.  Accessorizing can seem quite challenging and even intimidating, but it does not have to be. Follow these tips to help you accessorize better and look good.

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