There is no doubt that toys aid in child development. However, not every toy is appropriate for your child. As a result, you must be careful when purchasing toys for your little ones.

Here is what you should remember when buying toys.


The first thing to consider would be the safety of your child. Ensure that the toys have been approved by the relevant bodies in your country and by paediatricians. For stuffed toys ensure that the child is not allergic to the material and that there are no hanging straps that could choke your child. For plastic toys, ensure that everything is stable and in perfect condition to avoid cuts and scratches.

Age of the child

Toys are not standardized. Therefore when buying a toy for your child, check whether it is appropriate for your child's age.

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Educational value

Depending on the age of the child, learning a new thing may or may not be as important. For instance, toddlers need toys that will aid in the development of their motor skills and not necessarily learn new words. For older children, you can go for a toy that compliments what they learnt in school or that teaches something new.

Keep them modest

If you purchase a toy that does too much and does not let the child figure out something, then that toy is not appropriate.  If the toy is too in-depth, it restricts the child from using his or her brain. Modest toys, on the other hand, allow the kids to be spontaneous and creative as they play.

Limit the use of video games and electronic made toys

In this century, almost everything that is not natural is electronic. Trying to keep a child from electronics is, therefore, almost impossible. Unfortunately, electronic toys may be harmful to your child. For instance, your child can lose hearing from toys that are too loud.  

Moreover, some electric toys inhibit physical activity in your child resulting in unhealthy weight gain.

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Don’t bombard children with toys

Though toys aid in child development, do not swamp your child with many toys, they may not be able to focus on them. It is recommended that you alternate the toys after a few weeks.

Introduce new toys to the mix. The child should get familiar with one kind of toy before you provide another one. This is helpful when the child possesses the same type of toys. Also, there is no reason why all of the same toys are out of the box at the same time. The one simple toy that the child has had for long should not be quickly replaced. This is because this toy serves several purposes of development for your child.

How to choose appropriate video games for your kid
With proper engagement, video games can promote development in children.


As you purchase appropriate toys for your children, remember that the toy should not replace you. Your child needs your attention as a parent for holistic growth.

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