Meeting your partner's parents is often a huge step in your relationship. It is a solid indication that your relationship might be headed to the Mr. and Mrs. zone. Gone are the days when you were scared of making a bad first impression on their friends. You probably aced that and they now see you as their 'in-law'. Now it's time to meet the actual in-laws!

These, really, are the most important people in their lives. The tension that comes with with this moment is real. It is important to get them to like you and first impressions play a huge role in this.

You might want to change your whole wardrobe for this occasion, and that is understandable. What you should put in mind, however, is to not change who you are in the process. Find suitable outfits for the meeting that won't dissolve your personality altogether.

That said, let's browse through a number of clothing items that will help you nail that first impression;


The famous 'Kitenge' has saved a lot of first in-law meetings. Their bright colours and pattern variety comes through to brighten up your outfit making it hard to not instantly like you. Custom make your outfit to suit the occasion with a beautiful and decent Ankara design.  You might pick up a discussion with your partner's mum on your designer and plug for the material. What a great way to spark a connection!


Shift dress

Shift dresses make you feel confident and comfy, owing to their flowing and free design. With all the pressure that comes with meeting his parents, a comfortable outfit is the key to making you feel relaxed.

Mid-length skirt

Known as midi skirts, they apply for those that are any length below the knee. When meeting his parents, you definitely do not want to rock that mini skirt he loves. For this occasion, the longer the skirt, the better. The goal is to avoid clothes that show a lot of skin.

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Comfortable shoes

Inasmuch as our choice of clothing communicates a lot about us, our shoes do too. Again, it's not the occasion to strut around in those six inch heels. Find comfortable flat shoes and if it has to be heeled, a low heel would be ideal.

Wrap dress

Wrap dresses have a way of accentuating your body features while not showing too much skin. They are ideal for multiple occasions and also come with a variety of foot wear to pair them with.

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Flared pants

Your outfit should not be restricted to dresses and skirts only. Pants are a great idea too! Flared pants bring out class and a sense of fashion. Paired with the right blouse and shoes, it will just speak for itself. Silk blouses marry well with such pants. Try it out for this occasion.

In conclusion, whatever you decide to wear should be something that brings out your inner beauty and confidence. Take note that being comfortable is key to making the meeting smooth and successful.

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