Gone are the days when nail grooming was a preserve for the womenfolk. The modern man can confidently walk into a nail salon and get their nails done without getting weird stares.

If you have not jumped on this trend yet, here are five reasons why you should consider getting a man manicure.

To look good

Let's face it, there is nothing attractive about dirty over-grown nails. While you may be clipping and cleaning your nails often, going the extra mile to get a manicure gives you a well-groomed look. It also says that you are a man who takes note of even the small details. Besides, well-groomed nails earn you some extra points with the girls!

To relax

A manicure is like a spa day but for your hands. When getting a manicure, you get a massage that helps improve your blood circulation and relieve tension that has build up from banging your keyboard or working with your hands the whole day.

Improves your health

If you have ever had an ingrown nail, you know it's not a walk in the park. Getting regular manicures keeps your nails clean and strong and thus keeps bacteria that cause nail infections at bay. Regular manicures also prevent nail discolouration.

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Gives you a younger look

If you are trying to defy old age, your first stop should be the salon to get a manicure. Manicures often involve exfoliation which removes dead skin from your hands and leaves the skin looking younger.


While the era of handshakes may be long gone never to come back, thanks to COVID-19, this is not an excuse to let the skin on your palms become rough. While rough hands may be a sign of a hardworking man, your spouse may think otherwise. Also, soft hands do not make you any less hardworking or feminine. Therefore, go forth and get that manicure.

You don't need to go to the salon for one

If the thought of going to the salon sends shivers down your spine, you don't have to go. Just because it's a manicure does not mean you have to go to the salon. You can buy the necessary tools and groom your nails at home. You just need to clip and file your nails, exfoliate dead skin, moisturise and voila! you get yourself a manicure. For those that don't mind, you can add a coat of colourless nail polish to improve your nails' lustre.

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