Despite a generation enjoying unparalleled advances in technology, the average mother has just 67 minutes to herself each day, the report suggested.

Many mothers told the researchers that they found the pressure to be a “perfect parent”, while also juggling a career, meant they were left with precious little time to relax or carry out activities solely for themselves.

The research looked at 2 000 mothers who have children between five and 12 years old. The researchers found that a normal mother “clocks in” at 6.23am and “clocks out” at 8.31pm, performing work tasks and other forms of unpaid labour. This leaves them with just an hour and seven minutes per day to themselves

More mothers thought that they now spent greater amount of time with their children compared with their own mothers, with 48 per cent saying they spent more time, and just 19 per cent saying they spent less time.

The survey found that technology, however, especially the internet was a boon at allowing mothers to keep in touch. Over two thirds of mothers said they used social networks such as Mumsnet or Facebook to keep in touch with fellow parents.