12 Types of Girlfriends Everyone Has Met

Regardless of if you’re the LSGS (Last Single Girl Standing) in your group of friends or if you’re taken, you probably recognize changes in your best gals’ behavior when they’re

  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2018

Regardless of if you’re the LSGS (Last Single Girl Standing) in your group of friends or if you’re taken, you probably recognize changes in your best gals’ behavior when they’re in new  or old! relationships. After dating for a while and experiencing enough failed could have been something you know how frustrating it can be to watch your friends go from fun and independent to crazy and obsessive in the time it takes to update their Facebook status.

From the woman who didn’t leave her boy-crazy tendencies in middle school to the one who is attached-at-the-hip to the love of her life, there are many girlfriend types you’ll meet—or become!—throughout the dating stages before marriage.

Here are 12 everyone knows.

The “I Can’t Do Anything Without My Boyfriend” Girlfriend
That girl who used to be at every concert with you and sign up for those BYOB painting classes? She’s suddenly lost all ability to leave her apartment without her boyfriend. Tuesday’s wine night with the girls? He’s there via text.

The Girlfriend You Love to Double Date With
It’s great when your friends love your boyfriend. It’s better when you can talk him into double dates (like, every weekend!). You love this friend because she’s your partner-in-crime: watching the playoffs, letting you be a supportive girlfriend, all the while gossiping over a beer. Or you know, when you have a hiking weekend with your main men, she remembers the champagne for camping (win, win!).

The “Let Me Snapchat/Instagram This First” Girlfriend
It’s their anniversary. You know because she’s Snapchatted you twice, Instagrammed the flowers he sent, and told you about the dinner reservations. You’re anticipating tomorrow’s gchat—and also wondering what she’s enjoying more: his company or the “likes.”

The Girlfriend Who Is Surprised by Romance
He sends her flowers, leaves her note by her coffee, remembers the little things, and never forgets to text her good night. You think it’s sweet, she’s feeling a little odd about being, well, courted. It’s funny when she’s a bit squeamish over meeting a Mr. Good Guy after dating so (so, so!) many bad guys. (And hey, it’s okay if you’re a little envious!)

The “I Can Somehow Relate This to Him” Girlfriend
This one falls under the impressive category. Regardless of what you’re talking about—your trip to Europe, advice on asking your boss for a raise, or your dog’s sudden allergic reaction to new medicine—somehow, Mr. Wonderful gets a mention. If the guy is a dog whisperer, a former tour guide, or a CEO, you’re in luck. If not, we know your pain.

The “I’ve Been Meaning to Breakup for Years” Girlfriend
They met in college eight years ago. They moved in together three years ago. Everything is smooth sailing, but there’s no ring or wedding plans in the future, and neither are in any hurry to move things forward. You know she isn’t exactly happy—and pretty sure she doesn’t think he’s her end-all-be-all. When will the other shoe drop?

The Just for Fun Girlfriend
While half of your Facebook feed is getting engaged, buying houses, and talking about nurseries, this girlfriend doesn’t have a clue where her relationship is going—and doesn’t mind. She’s having the time of her life with Mr. Right Now: vacations, sex outdoors, drinking too much at Taco Tuesday, and other things that make you blush. She’s in no rush to settle down, which inspires you to ditch those F.O.M.O anxieties.

The Girlfriend Who Can’t Make Plans
Most of your conversations go like this: “Hey, want to have dinner Saturday?” “Aw, would love to, just not sure of my weekend plans yet!” “Oh, okay, when will you know?” “Can we play by ear on Saturday? I want to check with John first.” And then you only hear from her if he’s busy—or if she’s bored.

The Cheating Girlfriend
You know it, your friends know it, the dog they adopted together knows it. The only one out of the loop is your friend’s boyfriend. No one wants to break the news to him, but you all feel bad and wish she’d cut him loose before she ruins him for anyone else.

The “I Don’t Have a Boyfriend!” But She Really Does Girlfriend
They’ve been seeing each other for months. They’re sleeping together. When they’re together, you can see the chemistry—but your friend is so afraid of commitment (and of settling) that she refuses to label whatever it is they’re doing. (Even if everyone knows what they’re doing is falling for one another.)

The Really, Really Happy, Blushing Girlfriend
She was the one who called you crying after yet another bad date, wondering when it would ever be her turn. She’s the one who gave everyone dating advice but was always single herself. She’s the one who didn’t believe her time would ever come—and suddenly, it did. Sometimes you want to tell her to stop being so giggly and excited, but really, you’re just terribly happy for her.

The “I’ve Met the One” Girlfriend
The best type of girlfriend? The one that you forget is actually in a relationship because she’s so relaxed, so much herself, and so content because she’s with not only a really great guy but one that’s the best match for her. You know he’s The One for her (and she probably does too)—but she doesn’t have to shout it. Or tweet it. You’re just waiting for that save-the-date.

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