ParentsAfrica is a robust, fully integrated media house that informs, educates, inspires, and gives hope to all current and aspiring parents.


Publication: Digital copies after every two months.
Remains intact and is continually read over many years.
Our magazine has an infinite lifetime. Readers per copy: Average 1


Middle class
Educated - 68% have secondary education
Penetration: 61% Urban and 39% Rural Gender: Both female and male (60:40 split)
Age group: (18-24) 25%, (25-34) 37%, (35-44) 18%, 45+ 12%
LSM: (3-4) 10%, (5-7) 35%, (8-11) 31%, (12+) 15%

Distinctive Features

Oldest magazine in the country – launched in July 1986.
Uninterrupted monthly publications totaling 438 issues by September 2023 and all archived for reference.
A value-based magazine that is an authority on health, relationships, experiences, inspirations, lifestyle, parenting, and other issues that help to bring up responsible families.
Regarded as a trusted companion by our loyal readers.
Creative design that is attractive, modern, and easy to read.
Has embraced technology fully and has many related online platforms.
Continually adapts with the times to remain relevant.
Well-researched and in-depth columns that cover the whole spectrum of family issues and inspiring experiences of a wide range of people.


To empower families to overcome life’s challenges.
To highlight and debate family issues. 
To provide practical solutions to family care and relationship problems.
To share experiences that give information, hope, and inspiration to others.
To share information on health and family challenges such as lifestyle diseases and life-threatening diseases.
To give practical advice on financial management.
To share inspirational and life-changing experiences that offer hope


Our e-magazine is available globally.
Sold through online subscription via a free account on
Efficient in-house creative process that ensures timely release of the magazine.

Regular Columns

Relationships, Marriages, and sex
Inspiration (interviewees share their life’s journey)
Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood
Family Nutrition and Health Education
Real Life Experiences
Spiritual Guidance
Role Models- celebrating heroes, cover model
Phenomenal Woman
Hair, Beauty and Grooming
Leisure and lifestyle
Health Matters
Spirituals guidance
Trending issues
Real-life experience
Money Management
Nutrition and wellbeing
Young Achiever


  • ParentsAfrica is a robust, fully integrated media house that informs, educates, inspires, and gives hope to all current and aspiring parents.

    Being an integrated media house, ParentsAfrica boasts a diverse range of assets including two vibrant and interactive websites- Parents Africa and Vibe Yetu, the Parents e-magazine, our YouTube channels, our Podcasts, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter (X), LinkedIn, and Threads.

    Additionally, ParentsAfrica organises and hosts multiple experiential events annually under our “Women, Wealth and Wellness” theme, as well as does merchandise branding for various companies and organisations.

       Our popular print magazine, Parents magazine, is a recognised SuperBrand

    For close to 40 years, Parents magazine has been the leading family magazine in Kenya; enjoying continuous monthly publication since its inception until the end of 2022.

    Currently, ParentsAfrica publishes the globally-available Parents e-magazine bimonthly.

    This can be purchased on subscription through our e-paper platform.