Gospel artiste Ekko Dydda suffers no shortage of energy on stage and apparently, on the home front. Parents Magazine caught up with Ekko and his wife Galia Dydda who also pair up with their children, Am Blessed Dydda and Keep it Real Dydda to grace Parents August 2018 cover Parents was surprised to discover
  1. Eko and Galia did not date-According to the couple, they just happened.
  2. The couple does not shy from telling each other they love each other and use the ‘L’  word liberally. “A lot, All the time”- were some of the phrases they used to describe how often they say it.
  3. The couple homeschools their children so that they can have time to perform their own shows
  4. Bonus Tip:  While the couple are not big movie fans, Galia is a fan of reality shows (think  Love and Hip-Hop) while Ekko Dydda is content listening to music.
  5. To read more about the couple, Grab your August 2018 issue of Parents.