4 Types of friends you don’t need

  • PublishedJune 29, 2017

The Downer
This is the friend that is always negative. You are always trying to cheer them up because their world is always in a mess. Sadness is inevitable as long as we are in the world but you don’t have to live a sad life.

If the downer were a cartoon character, they would probably be walking around with a cloud of thunderstorms on their head.

They didn’t see the silver lining the last thousand times you showed them, so what makes you think they will see it this time. It’s high time you let this one go because soon you will start being a downer too and drag your other friends down with you.

The Magician
The magician is usually a good friend until they get into a relationship then poof! They are gone. Suddenly they can’t hang out as much because they have plans with their new boyfriend/girlfriend.

The next time you hear from them, they are handing you their broken hearts like it’s your job to fix it. Nobody is paying you to be a therapist (unless they are) and honestly, you deserve better.

The Flake
Every time you try to make plans with the flake, they are reluctant. Chances are they will be late, will want to leave early or won’t even show up.

They make you feel like they are doing you a favour by hanging out with you and have better things to do. Friends are supposed to be there for each other like partners, no one is better.

The Jealous One
If a friend cannot celebrate with you when you achieve a milestone in your life, then they are not worthy of the title.

To them, everything is a competition and they have to beat you.
It’s important to communicate with your friends and tell them how their actions affect you. If it doesn’t work, pull away; it’s for your own good.

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