5 Habits that promote hair growth

  • PublishedFebruary 28, 2017


Many women grapple with stunted hair growth, a situation in which the hair seems to have plateaued in growth and no amount of dressing it seems to change the condition. In frustration, many opt to chop it off and with it years of investment go down the drain. But with the following tips on how to make your hair grow longer, stunted hair growth will be the least of your worries.

Growing one’s hair to its maximum length takes sacrifice and patience. Hair grows about half an inch per month but there are several factors that impede its growth such as one’s wellbeing, health and genetics. However, the following habits promote hair growth.

Minimise breakage: One of the greatest inhibitors to long, luscious hair is breakage and therefore if you are to grow your hair longer, then you better curtail it. Often times, we pay little attention to the ends of our hair, yet they play a crucial part in hair growth and are also vulnerable to breakage.

When applying products on your hair, ensure the tips are covered, too. It is advisable to use a silk pillowcase instead of cotton because silk is much better at keeping in moisture than cotton. If you wrap your hair with a scarf at night, use a silk scarf. Another way to minimise hair breakage is to never comb or brush your hair when it’s wet.

Regularly trim the ends: Although it may seem counter-productive to regularly trim your ends when you are growing your hair, regular trimmings will help you achieve hair growth in the long run. Haircuts help to get rid of damaged, broken or split ends. While split ends do not stop hair from growing, they break off the ends making the hair shaft shorter.

Go easy on manipulation: As much as you love your hair, it is advisable to let it rest for it to thrive. Avoid combing or brushing it every day and if you must, then use wide toothed combs. Avoid styles that will cause damage to the roots such as tight braids and go for low manipulation hairstyles such as weaves, Ghanaian lines, Bantu knots and braids that are not tightly made. Remember, if you have to restyle your hair everyday to make it neat and presentable, then you are subjecting it to too much manipulation, which may lead to breakage.

Always use a conditioner: Always condition your hair whenever it’s wet. The primary function of conditioner is to minimise frizz, dryness and moisture loss. While shampoo takes all the dirt and grime out of your hair and scalp, a conditioner replenishes nutrients that your hair needs to be healthy and shiny. Conditioning the hair also helps
to replace the fats and protein inside the hair shaft, in addition to sealing the cuticle. Select a moisturising conditioner so as to ensure your tresses are well moisturised as dry hair is susceptible to breakage.

Nourishment comes from within: Last but not least, nourish your hair from the source. Eat a healthy diet to ensure you are getting all the nutrients needed for healthy hair growth. Drink the recommended eight glasses of water a day. If you are considering taking hair growth supplements, choose those that are clinically proven and purchase them from reputable stores, as there are many unregulated hair supplements in the market that could be harmful to your health.

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