5 safe exercises for pregnant women

For most women, exercising while pregnant is safe. You could continue working out if you were physically active before you became pregnant. Exercise should, however, be of moderate or low

5 safe exercises for pregnant women
  • PublishedApril 20, 2022

For most women, exercising while pregnant is safe. You could continue working out if you were physically active before you became pregnant. Exercise should, however, be of moderate or low intensity so that you do not strain your body.

The aim of exercise in pregnancy is to stay active, manage stress, and prepare the body for labour among other reasons. Here are 5 safe exercises that pregnant women can engage in and enjoy.


During yoga classes, inform your instructor that you are pregnant so that you can have modified poses that are safe for pregnancies. Yoga is an ideal workout as it encourages you to be relaxed, focused, flexible and to take deep breaths. These exercises help you to prepare for the birth of your little one.

Get into prenatal yoga classes as they are tailored to the needs of pregnant women. These exercises and stretches help to reduce anxiety and help you stay calm during pregnancy and labour. Yoga also improves your sleep.

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Walking is a great way for pregnant women to exercise as it is not strenuous. You can fit walking into your busy schedule. Taking brisk walks on flat surfaces and wearing the right shoes do not strain your muscles and joints. If you have never exercised before pregnancy, walking is a great starter exercise.

Walking is one of the few exercises you can do up to your due date and is encouraged to help with your contractions.

The good thing about walking is that you do not need any fancy equipment or gym membership, just a good pair of sneakers.

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Indoor cycling

Riding a stationary bike is so much safe than a regular bicycle, especially during pregnancy. Taking it slowly is better and safer than going the high-intensity route. Riding a stationary bike lets you control the pace at which you’re riding which makes it safe. Moreover, you don’t put pressure on your joints and the risks of falling are minimal.

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Pilates are a low-impact exercise that does not involve any form of jumping and aim at improving your movement and body posture. The exercises are done on a mat and require little to no equipment.

Pilates have a variety of benefits that include improving strength and balance, body posture and flexibility. Just like yoga, Pilates incorporates breathing techniques. They also prevent body aches and pains.

Pilates are good for pregnant women as they focus on strengthening and lengthening the core so that your body can cope with the extra weight of your growing baby. It also helps to strengthen the pelvic floor which is crucial for labour and recovery after childbirth.

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Swimming and water workouts

Swimming and water aerobics could be the perfect workout during pregnancy as it has many different benefits. Since water supports the weight of you and your growing baby, you feel lighter and more agile making it easy to navigate.

Moving in and against the water helps to keep your heart rate up, alleviates puffy ankles and pain, and is easy on the joints and muscles.

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In conclusion…

Being physically active during pregnancy is beneficial for the mother and the unborn baby. The aforementioned exercises will help to keep you fit and could do wonders for your mental health and overall mood. Ensure that you consult your doctor before engaging in the exercises or in case you feel any discomfort or pain.

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