Clinical officers in Taita’s public hospitals are the first to face the sack. This was announced via an official statement to the press. The county government announced that they have fired all 85 clinicians across the local public hospitals. Although doctors and nurses are also on strike, the 85 clinicians are the first casualties of this impasse. The countywide strike is as a result of unpaid dues. According to the medics, the county owes them up to 60 million in arrears. This claims have however been vehemently denied by county officials. Assembly majority leader recently stated that the health practitioners have no reason to strike. He stated that the funds they are after have already been approved for release.

Reason for their sacking

The firing of the medics came 19 days after they downed their tools.

“We negotiated a return-to-work formula with their union on October 1. They however declined to report to work. That is why we fired them,” said Health executive Daniel Makoko.

Doctors and nurses have also been warned that they are next on the county’s radar. Makoko further went on to warn them that they should be back at their work stations lest they meet a similar fate. The county government has invoked the law to try and arm-twist the striking groups.

“We obtained a court order on Friday directing doctors and nurses to resume work. Those who defy the order will have themselves to blame,” he added.

Although the clinical officers are yet to offer an official response, they had earlier vowed not to resume work. However the greatest casualty of this stand-off are the citizens. The inability of the two parties to come to a compromise has rendered all hospitals shut. There are 67 health centers within the county most of which have been abandoned. This leaves the residents at the mercy of their ailments.

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