A Delve into the Covid Millions (Part 2)

A Delve into the Covid Millions (Part 2)
  • PublishedApril 30, 2020

Everything was okay until the public raised questions on the expenditure of the aid given to us by World Bank. This is after a series of complaints from the public about masks and sanitizer prices. While these, plus water and soap are the basic weapons in the fight against Covid, other Kenyans find them expensive.

Where things started falling apart

“Le Corona Del Mapesa” is the current name the public has given to the fishy moves going on at the Ministry of Health concerning the aid expenditure. I really take note of the numerous actions taken by the government to fight Covid. But, something does not add up. The mere fact that we still have Kenyans in the grass root levels complaining about masks is worrying. We have had people going to the extents of using bra cups as masks to at least protect themselves if the state cannot.

My only question here would be, how exactly is the state planning to protect its citizens from the pandemic. If it already has red cards on providing basic commodities such as masks and sanitizers?

As it is of now, the government will have to borrow sh275billion to help in the fight against the pandemic. This adds to the billions of dept we already owe financial institutions and countries. Can we at least try and utilize this money decently?

Among the challenges facing this combat is, staffs deployed in Kemri labs are not government employees as should be. 41 of them are volunteers while the rest 100,  are project employees who started out as interns on sh118, 000 per month.

Also, according to Mutahi Kagwe, the transfer of Joel Lutomia (Kemri Director of Rapid Response Team) was politicized. To him, it was curious that “a small administrative matter” would make it to front pages of local dailies

Beacon of hope

At this time, when the world is fighting a pandemic, one that has shaken mighty states, bringing economies to their knees, the least we can really do is try and politicize sensitive issues. It is a time when as a country we ought to come together and practice the spirit of Harambee in the combat against Covid- 19. With this, we will surely overcome.



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