BEAUTY TIP: Applying eye shadow perfectly

  • PublishedJuly 25, 2014

Eye shadow is not the easiest eye make up to wear and many people tend to get it wrong, by either wearing too much or too little, or using the wrong shades for their complexion. However, eye shadow application shouldn’t be an uphill task. Here are a few handy tips that will make you come out with perfectly looking eye shadow.

• Start with a base colour that is a few shades lighter than your complexion. Look for a shade of brown that goes well with your skin. Using a larger brush, sweep this neutral shade cross your entire eyelid, from the eyelash line to the brow bone.

• Using a smaller brush, apply another shade of eye shadow, a shade or two darker than the first, against where the bone hits the crease of your eyelid. You can even use the first colour you used to make the shadow darker. Brush back and forth in a crescent shape severally to create a good blend. This makes the eyes stand out. Make sure you don’t cross that crease that appears when you open your eyes.

• When going for the smokey eye look, keep the colour on the lid and just under the lower eyelash. Don’t extend colour above the crease.

• Extend the dark shadow on the bottom of your eyes, depending on whether your eyes are far apart or close. If you want your eyes to seem farther apart keep the line short. If you want them to look closer then extend the line all the way.

• For those with thinner lids, apply the lighter shade from the inner corner of your eye to about three-quarters of the eyelid then apply the deeper colour on the outer edges of your eye. This opens up the eye.

• Never apply deep colour to your brow bone, unless for some reason you’re going for a dramatic look.

With eye shadow, blending is key. Blend the eye shadow well so that there are no visible lines.

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