Benefits of drinking water on an empty stomach

  • PublishedJanuary 24, 2019

Did you know that drinking water the first thing in the morning is very beneficial to your health? The Japanese have mastered this practice and the benefits are easily visible from their slim figures and supple skin. How does this practice work?

Take four glasses of water first thing in the morning.

Even before you brush your teeth, make a point of taking some water, preferably four glasses. If it is impossible to take four glasses of water at first, start by taking one glass a day and increase the quantity as the time goes by. If the idea of plain water doesn’t appeal to you,  try squeezing in some lemon juice.  It is advisable to drink lukewarm water as opposed to cold.

Stay for at least 45 minutes before eating

Do not eat anything for the first 45 minutes after drinking the water.

Avoid eating or drinking anything for at least two hours after heavy meals.

Research shows that this simple practice is very effective and easy to adapt. There are numerous benefits of undertaking this practice among them being:

Helps your body get rid of toxins

As you sleep during the night, your body takes time to repair itself and rejuvenate. During this process, the body removes toxins. When you take water first thing in the morning, it helps cleanse the body and remove the toxins.

Improves metabolism

Drinking water in the morning increases your metabolism rate by approximately 25 per cent. Increased metabolism rate generally means a better digestive system. You do not feel the urge to snack often, which makes it a great way of losing weight.

Deals with indigestion and heartburn

When you drink water before eating anything,  it helps to lower and dilute the acid found in the stomach. This protects you from indigestion and heartburn issue.

Strengthens immune system

Water cleanses the body from the toxins. It prevents infections from spreading through the body.

Improving your health does not require you to spend a fortune. Try this Japanese water therapy and see the benefits for yourself.

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