CELEBRATING forgotten mothers

CELEBRATING forgotten mothers
  • PublishedApril 26, 2016

Motherhood is indeed a package that comes wrapped in joy, laughter, frustration and sometimes even sadness. As Mother’s Day sentiments firmly take root this month, it is so easy to forget how painful this day can be for some mothers such as widows, single mothers, those behind bars, those who have lost children and grandmothers raising their grandchildren. This article highlights the plight of these women and how you can celebrate them on Mother’s Day.


In many societies worldwide, widows are often ostracised, kicked out of their homes and shunned by society after their husbands’ deaths. Some are even accused of having a hand in their partner’s death yet losing one’s spouse whether through unexpected or anticipated circumstances is always traumatic. Mother’s Day can be a confusing and sad day without one’s spouse to pamper you but it offers the perfect opportunity for someone to appreciate you for being both a mother and father to your children. A good way to celebrate widows on this day is to gather the woman’s friends and loved ones for a hearty meal. Eating out in great company is always a fun treat!

Grandmothers raising grandchildren

You are 70 years old and battling with the challenges that come with old age. You have already raised your own children and want to live a quiet life as you peacefully enjoy your pension only for that wish to be cut short when you have to be a mother to your grandchildren or even great grandchildren, probably due to avoidable or unavoidable circumstances. In addition to worrying about money, which is hard to come by, you have no energy to chase after young ones full of energy. Not only can parenting a second time around be tough, but it can also isolate one from peers. This Mother’s Day give grandma a break to reconnect with her friends over for a fancy tea party. What’s a better treat than that?

Mothers behind bars

The absence of a mother from her children and family due to incarceration can be agonising. Although there are opportunities for mothers in prison to see their children and families, these visits are spread far apart. Mother’s Day can be lonely for imprisoned mothers as they love their children and regret the mistakes that separate them, which they have to pay for. If you know a relative/ friend who is a mother and is behind bars, the best you can do for them is to pay them a visit. Take with you family photos, which you can go through together as you relive the moments.

Single mothers

Single mothers have to run a household, bring home a paycheck and in between, raise their children. Even when there is co-parenting, you can’t compare it to having a full time partner to share responsibilities with. In addition, single mothers sometimes face a lot of stereotype from the society and easily feel isolated. Whether one is a single mother by choice or by circumstances, she could definitely do with some pampering this Mother’s Day in appreciation of her. One of the best gifts to give to a single mum this day is to take her children away for the day so as to give her a day off to go rest and pamper herself without worrying about the children.

Mothers who have lost children

There are many mothers worldwide who have lost their children to alcohol, drugs, miscarriages, sickness and even accidents. No parent wants to bury their child; all parents hope it is their children who will bury them. And so Mother’s Day can be a painful reminder to a mother of the child/children she has lost. A meaningful idea is to gift such a mother a handmade necklace with names of all her children as well as her name, as a great keepsake that she will surely treasure for years to come.

To all mothers out there, no matter the circumstances you face today; purpose to have a fun-filled Mother’s Day. You deserve it.

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