Childhood playmates now a couple

  • PublishedJuly 1, 2014

Abigail Niashorua, 23, and Lenashe Meidimusirkon, 29, were childhood playmates whose parents often joked about them making a good couple in the future. That joke turned out to be true when they met again as adults, fell in love, and married. They narrated their love story to WANGARI MWANGI.

Abigail Niashorua and Lenashe Meidimusirkon are such a spontaneous couple. They tell me that they rarely spend their weekends in their house in Nairobi, as they want to discover as many new places as possible. On the day of the interview, the dice of picking their escapade fell on Ngong area, and so I travelled there on this Sunday afternoon for what turned out to be a really enjoyable interview.… Subscribe to read more

Published in July 2014

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