Don’t be afraid to take the first step

  • PublishedApril 28, 2017

I bet everyone has a good plan or agenda for their life that would revolutionise their life for good if only they achieved it. For some it is part of their recurrent New Year resolutions; for others it is a long-term plan. However, a common factor for many people is that they are yet to initiate these plans. People will dream, talk about their dreams and then stand between their current and desired goals through their lack of initiative.

Think this through with me. You need a job or an attachment but are yet to send or even write the application letter. You need a favour from someone but haven’t made that phone call – mostly because you are afraid of being told no.

You are crazy about a certain man or woman but are keeping your feelings to yourself for fear of being rejected. You want to open a business but are afraid to try something and fail in the eyes of friends and others.

Fear of the unknown and fear of rejection are the top two reasons why people remain in unwanted situations, some for a lifetime. And yet in many instances these fears are unwarranted – simply because they exist only in one’s mind.

Mostly the answer is what you hear but because you don’t dial that number you never get to hear the answer. And so you live without ever knowing what would have become of the situation if you at least began it.

For Christians, this problem should never be a bother if one is a believer. To succeed one needs to align their desire with the will of God. Once you do this and become a true worshipper then expect any door you knock in God’s name to open.

The bible in Matthew 7:7 says,” Ask and you shall receive, seek and you shall find, knock and the door shall be opened. Also the Psalmist in Psalm 37:4 tells us that once we are united with God and living according to his statutes then, “He will give us the desires of our hearts.”

In my community work, I have learnt there is only one way to achieve goals – openly seeking assistance from people who can help you. Recently we wanted to purchase a water tank for a children’s home we run but had no money.

While deliberating the way forward someone suggested we talk to a certain man and see whether he could be of help. But as soon as his name was suggested there arose a discussion about how difficult the man is, how he might turn us down and all other manner of reasons why it would be futile to seek his help.

For weeks we delayed making the call to him even though our need had now turned to an emergency especially because of the drought season that preceded the short rains. And then one day I asked for the man’s number and dialled. He picked and after introductions I went ahead to state my request. His response was, “You are doing a noble thing and I would love to donate


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