Don’t Let Evil Touch You

As you walk through the journey of life, you meet all kinds of people – good and evil. What is comforting is that there is more goodness in this world

  • PublishedMarch 1, 2012

As you walk through the journey of life, you meet all kinds of people – good and evil. What is comforting is that there is more goodness in this world than evil, but sometimes evil overshadows goodness, especially if you allow it to touch you. If you are a person of faith like I am, I want to assure you that no evil can touch you. It will prowl your territory, looking to devour you but the power of God will defeat it.

The worst form of evil comes from people who walk around as if the world owes them something and they will go to any length to hurt and malign those they are jealous of, or have a grudge against. These kinds of people come to your life in many forms – friends, employees, work colleagues, neighbours, and even total strangers who may have only heard about you but never seen you.

No wonder they miss out on God’s blessings because of their evil deeds, always out to hurt those they think have more than them. Wisdom tells us to keep away from toxic and evil people – if it’s a friend, drop them; if it’s an employee, fire them. This way you will be protecting yourself and those you value in your life.

But be warned, their evil will not stop because you have got them out of your life. If anything, they will come at you with a vengeance. And because they are cowards, who would not face you, they will do anything to try and hurt you under the cover of anonymity. Today these evil people have found refuge in the social media where they anonymously pour their wrath on innocent and unsuspecting people. Like many other Kenyans, I have been a victim of one such satanic blog, so evil and malicious that my attacker, and of many other media personalities, aptly chooses to hide under Satan’s signature.

God’s Word teaches us that if we submit ourselves to God and resist the devil by standing firm against him, the devil will flee from us. The devil wants our lives to be miserable. He wants to steal our joy, our peace, and every good thing that God has blessed us with. If you remember that the God in you is greater than any enemy you have, you will have power to resist the devil at his onset.

And this is why I tell ‘Satan’ and his bloggers – you cannot touch me, not my family, not my work, and not the joy and peace I enjoy through God’s grace. Not any of those malicious and meaningless insults packaged in a language that depicts you as the scum of the earth can take away this beautiful life that God gave me, nor stop me from doing good to the society.

Just know that you cannot hide under the guise of the Internet to maliciously abuse people and think you can get away with it. You also can’t take away the respect society holds for those people you choose to abuse because their good deeds are open and visible; their values well known by those who matter; their families are strong and secure; their lives are organised and happy; and society has more wisdom than to believe anonymous bloggers, who have nothing useful to offer.

I am not the only victim of this evil in social media. Many Kenyans are hurting because of malice and gossip spread through social media. Just as I was wondering why people would choose to abuse others anonymously through the Internet and what they expect to gain from it, I came across columnist Kamal Kaur’s article in The Star Newspaper – Think you are anonymous on line? Think again.

Also a victim of social media attack, Kamal is of the opinion that people who turn to social media to anonymously abuse you are terribly jealous and resentful of something you might have and they don’t. I want to quote from her article because she says exactly what I would like tell people using the Internet to abuse innocent Kenyans going about their own businesses.

“What I don’t understand is the need to hide and be abusive. Clearly you have some issues that a psychologist would have a field day with.

If you have the guts to abuse and put someone down, why not have the guts to stand up and be responsible for your own words? If you have an opinion why can’t you say it out aloud? Is it because deep down you know you are nothing but a hater and have so much vitriol and you know what you are doing is completely wrong?

If you have a false ID just to spread your brand of stupidity then just get a life. You are nothing but a loser if you have to stoop to abusing other people just because you don’t have the guts to speak up. Either come out and say it openly or just get some help to control your awkward multiple personality syndrome because people like you are nothing other than a burden on the face of the earth.”

I couldn’t agree more with Kamal. We shall and must, as a society, fight this evil. We must remain focused on the right thing. Right is right and you should never abandon your principles or the good work you do just because some mad man or woman out there thinks they can belittle you and your achievements. You must keep your sanity at all times and not be defeated by madness. Don’t let those crazies get you down.

You shouldn’t let anyone kill your joy or sense of achievement. To you ‘Satan’ and your friends, I want to tell you there are some battles not worth fighting, even when you win, and others that must be fought, even if you lose. This one is a battle that must be fought. The social media madness has to end if we are to bring up our children in a sane world; if we are to uphold values that count for a strong God-fearing nation. I will be part of the troops that will fight this battle.

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