Downy Concentrate, one of the world’s leading fabric enhancers, keeps working to enrich fabrics and it is for this reason that Downy has unveiled a new formulation with superior packaging. The New Downy Concentrate brings a variety of benefits to your wash, because we want your clothes to smell fresh all-day long. Here are ways Downy Fabric Softener comes in handy in your day-to-day life:

Wondering what is a concentrate versus a dilute fabric softener?

Downy washes 2.5 times more clothes with just a small amount. To get the best from Downy Concentrate, pour 1/3 of the bottle cap into a 20litre bucket of water during the wash. When using a washing machine, use 2/3 of the same bottle cap.

Fed up with the way some dresses or skirts cling to your tights while you are walking?

You can avoid these awkward moments by using Downy concentrate. The enhancer helps lubricate your fabric, preventing static from building up and reducing any friction caused from the clothes rubbing against each other while on the move.

Do your daily activities make you sweat and afraid of wearing some clothes?

Dip your laundry in Downy Concentrate to infuse it with fresheners that will keep your clothes fresh all-day long. The Fabric Enhancer neutralises bad smells absorbed by your clothes such as body, cooking and moldy odours, which are no match to the long-lasting freshness of Downy.

Do you know your clothes can smell fresh with every move?

Downy Concentrate gives your clothes a long lasting touch-activated scent so you can experience the scent whenever you want, wherever you are. This is made possible by Downy perfume capsules that are infused to your clothes in form of tiny bubbles during the wash, waiting to be released by the power of touch by hand or fabric-to-fabric. Once touched or rubbed, the perfume capsules burst, releasing the fragrance to your clothes.

You get all these benefits in a variety of five great scents to choose from!

With the new look, Downy Concentrate has also introduced three new ranges bringing a total of five products into the market, thus giving you the option to pick any of our products that include: Gentle Care, Floral Breeze and Value Dew, Feel Relaxed and Feel Luxurious. These Fabric Enhancers are available in different sizes from 20ml sachet to 1litre bottle to suit your needs.

Downy Concentrate gives you confidence that comes with being comfortable in your clothes and feeling fresh with every move you make all day long. Try Downy today and experience the joy of freshness.