A first date is one of the most defining moments of a relationship. It begins with a tingly feeling of excitement when you meet someone and you’re almost certain they are a perfect match.

Sometimes our expectations are positively surpassed, setting the pace for many other dates. Other times however, it is the complete opposite.

How then do you manage your expectations for that first date? Here are a few tips:

1. Avoid dinner dates

A dinner date presents a rather formal setting where you would most likely not be yourself. The setting can easily make you get disappointed in your date, as you are both nervous.

For the first date; a stroll in the park, coffee or icecream dates are a perfect idea. Seek to create the perfect setting for you to be comfortable with your date.

2. Divide your date into parts

For a first date, avoid long hours in one place. For instance, you can begin with a cup of coffee and depending on the outcome, you can go for a movie afterwards.

It also creates a window for you to leave incase there’s no connection or to avoid those unwanted awkward situations where there is no conversation.

3. Do not create a big plan

One common mistake people make when organizing a first date is that they create such a big plan, putting themselves in a situtaion where there is no escape.

A date could go either positively or negatively, and while it is healthy to think positively, sometimes you just have to prepare for the worst. Plan your date with this in mind to avoid those awkward situations you have to sit through.

4. Be aware of yourself

It is natural to be nervous on a first date. However, experts say that natural responses are the best test to know if there is a connection.

Try to be yourself as much as possible as it may determine whether that first date will be the gateway to a great relationship.