Angela Wambui Mugenda has joined the list of barely 15,000 Kenyans who have attained PhDs in various fields.

Angela, who is the daughter of former Vice Chancellor of Kenyatta University, Dr. Olive Mugenda, graduated from Purdue University with a PhD in Astronautical and Aeronautical Engineering last week.

Proud mother

Dr. Olive Mugenda, who was present at the graduation advised her daughter to make good use of her knowledge to leave a mark in the society.

“Blessed to attend my daughter’s graduation at Purdue University – USA. Congratulations my dear girl, Angie, on attaining your PhD in Astronautical and Aeronautical Engineering. Use your skills to leave a mark wherever you go. You have made me a proud mother,” she tweeted.

This  achievement is no small fete; given not many Kenyans have PhDs to start with. Of those who have them, few are female and even fewer have majored in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math fields. These fields were for a long time male-dominated. Thus, this is a step in the right direction as far as female role models are concerned.

Dr. Mugenda obtained her doctorate degree in the United States, from Iowa University back in 1988.