In 2016, Stella Victorious weighed a whooping 176Kgs. Needless to say, this weighed her down. The stares and rejection also took a toll on her. During her university days, she would arrive in class before anyone else so as to avoid the condescending stares. When she couldn’t take it anymore, she turned inwards for a solution.

She didn’t have the money for bariatric surgery or extreme dieting. But what she had was sheer determination and so she embarked on basic dieting and exercise. She threw God into the mix and the results are 100kgs down.

Besides exercising consistently, Stella also stopped eating several plates of chips, drinking litres of soda and eating loaves of bread. She describes herself as a stress eater and thus had to watch the food she ate when under pressure.

Stella says she used to have a huge appetite and to manage this, she turned to God to help her control her appetite.

As per March this year, Stella revealed that she had lost 115.8kgs