Fun activities to do with your family while social distancing

  • PublishedMarch 24, 2020

If you are one of the people who have heeded to the Government’s call to work from home or stay home as we wait for this phase to pass, thank you. One of the best ways of containing the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) spread is not venturing outside. While the first few days might be fun, you might find that it gets harder by the day, so we are suggesting a few things you can enjoy with your family in that period.

Binge watch

Pile up a bunch of movies that you have watched before and would love to repeat. Watch that series you’d postponed because you were busy. Family shows can be enjoyed by everyone, bond over them and keep your mind at ease during this period.


Have a family book club

Have a family book club session. Choose a book that tickles everyone’s fancy one way or another and read it. Give yourself sometime to read and analyze it then come together and share your experiences with the book.

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Cook as a family

Making meals as a family will really come in handy during this period. Make your favorite meals and allocate duties according to individual preferences. Cooking and eat as a family unit will help you enjoy each other’s company


Make Tik Tok videos

Tik Tok videos are easy and fun to make. Try making this videos and sharing them on social media if you want to. This videos only take 15 seconds and are packed with filters, special effects, music and even animations.

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Play games

Everything fun and games during this pandemic will help ease the tension. You could play your favorite board games like monopoly. You could also finish up a puzzle together or play video games as a unit. Choose team for a more exciting and competitive experience.

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Play dress up

Take all clothes from your closet and play dress up as a family. You can have the kids dress up as their mum/dad and just have a good laugh.

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