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We all long for smooth, silky skin but sometimes hair grows in areas we don’t like to see or feel it and we have to figure out how to get

  • PublishedAugust 15, 2014

We all long for smooth, silky skin but sometimes hair grows in areas we don’t like to see or feel it and we have to figure out how to get rid of it. Hair removal products and services are big business and sometimes one can get confused. Which is the best way of removing unwanted body hair? We give you expert advice on best treatments and tips on hair removal.

There are many methods of removing unwanted body hair including shaving, waxing, depilatory creams and other professional methods such as laser treatment and electrolysis. Hair removal, especially on large surfaces like the legs, can be a messy affair and it is sometimes best left to professionals. Hair removal products and treatments have come a long way and it is now possible to have smooth silky hair all the time. If you use any type of hair removal method, you are recommended to use body scrub in the shower to exfoliate the skin and prevent hair in-growth. You can use properly sterilized tweezers in small areas like eyebrows and rogue hairs on the chin, often found on menopausal women. We tell you the best ways of dealing with unwanted body hair in the most common areas.


The traditional method of removing hair on the legs is shaving, which does not give you real smooth legs. You can spot a person who uses a shaver by the little dots on the skin where the hair has been sliced off. Waxing and depilatory creams works better. For home treatment, depilatory creams are your best choice. They are available in supermarkets and chemist shops. Ensure you read instructions correctly before use. You should not exceed recommended time for leaving the cream on.

Waxing is best done by professionals in a salon. It can be messy and you could also burn yourself if using hot wax. Waxing with can also be painful, especially when wax strips are used. No strips wax is more recommended. It comes as a thick layer of wax, which is smoothed to the skin and peeled off. It can be very effective and it is less painful than strip wax.

In strip waxing, hot sugar-based wax is applied to the skin and then a strip of cotton cloth or special paper is rubbed over it and then pulled. This can be quite painful especially if the person doing it does not have a lot of experience. Hot wax opens the pores so that hair comes out more easily and with less chance of breaking. Waxing leaves you hair-free for up to five weeks. Most salons offer hot wax and you should have it done there to perfect the technique before you can embark on it at home.

Bikini line

Professional laser treatments are great for the bikini line. Look for a professional who can offer safe laser treatment. You could also try waxing whose effects will last four to six weeks. Don’t hot wax the bikini line at home. You could end up with sensitivity stretching beyond the area you wanted treated.

Facial hair

Facial hair can get worse with menopause or hormonal changes. Never shave your face. If you get into the habit of shaving you would have to do it every other day, and you may also end up with razor bumps. You should see a specialist for more permanent hair removal such as laser treatment or electrolysis, or consider waxing. Strip waxing gives the best results on facial hair. You can buy facial waxing strips and do it at home or visit a salon. Most hair removal brands offer strip for the face that are cut to size. If you have a few prominent hairs on your chin, like happens to most women after menopause, you can tweeze them but be prepared to do it often as re-growth is quite fast.


Depilatory creams specifically made for sensitive areas work well on underarms. Most hair removal products have underarms strips, which are easy to use. You could also try hot wax but this should be done by a professional. You need just one patch of wax, so it’s simple, pain-free and there is no stubbly shadow left.

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