You have heard of joggers being hit by cars or mugged. If you love outdoor workouts ensure your safety with these tips:

Brighten up: Be visible to drivers, bikers and other exercisers by wearing reflective clothing or attaching reflectors to your shoes and top.

Jog on the correct side of road: Always face on-coming vehicles when jogging. This helps you to judge the distance between you and the vehicle and to also notice a wayward driver from afar.

Carry identification: Carry identification in your pocket such as an ID or phone number of your
next of kin. It’s a good idea to have your cellphone with you in case you needed to call for help but ensure it is concealed so as not to attract muggers.

Tell someone the route you take: Let a person close to you know the route you take when you go out jogging. If you are hurt and unable to get home, this will make it easer for them to find you.

Have a jogging partner: If possible, jog in twos and avoid lonely stretches especially early in the morning
or after the sun goes down.

Turn down the volume: If you jog with your iPod on, keep the volume low or wear just one earpiece, and never use headphones in an isolated area.

Change your routine: Attackers learn the habits of their victims, so switch your path or the time you run every couple of days. Use routes where there are more joggers.