It is now clear that most Kenyans find it difficult living within their means. This is after last week's diversion of Kenyans on Twitter. Things took a turn from the usual banter when Kenyans on Twitter shared the bad financial decisions they have been making.

One of the users went ahead to share how they once lived in a rental house at a cost of sh. 11,000 while they earned a salary of sh. 13, 000.

Another face to this was how Kenyans failed to adjust according to their means when things get tough. One such case was that of popular lawyer Harun Ndubi, who risked facing auctioning due to failure of paying rent since April, owning his landlord a sum of sh. 414, 000. He moved to court to stop his eviction.  After his story broke out, one commentator offered him advice.

"Live within your means counsel. Move to a sh. 25,00. You'll owe no one an explanation!"

While all these may seem easy, factors such as mobile loans and credit cards make it difficult for one to control themselves on necessary expenditure. They provide freedom for people to spend more that their income can reasonably accommodate.

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