Communication after a heated argument with your partner is not always the easiest thing. Nevertheless, communication will always be key when solving any conflict that might arise in a relationship or even marriage.

Here are 9 tips to effectively communicate with your partner after a conflict.

Process your feelings

Speaking in the heat of the moment is never a wise decision as you or your partner might say things you will regret saying afterwards. The best thing to do is take time and process your feelings. You can do this by taking a walk or listening to your favourite music just to freshen up your mind. Later on you can confront the issue in your sober state of mind.

Avoid finger pointing

Pointing out your partner's mistakes during or after an argument or even blaming them is not advisable. Instead, state how you felt in the whole conflict process and try to find a solution together as grown ups.

Find a right time to talk

Feel like there something you need to talk to your partner about? Set a time to communicate and avoid ambushing them with new conversations or when they are not at proper state of mind. Setting aside time to talk will lead to both partners preparing psychologically.

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Listen keenly

By listening to your partner, you will get a clear understanding of what they want, what they like and dislike. Listening also helps you how to handle any communication with your partner .

Take turns

In any communication, ensure that both parties are heard. If your raising an idea, suggestion or opinion, be sure to ask your partner their views on the matter. And if it's in a conflict, don't be the only one talking. Ensure you take turns while speaking for both sides to be heard.

Avoid reading their minds

Yes reading your partners mind is good but it also comes with a risk of misreading your partner,  especially during conflicts. It's always a good idea to find out from your partner what the problem could be and what they really want.

Never do these things when arguing with your partner
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Set clear boundaries

Setting clear boundaries in your relationship or marriage lets you will know what you can and can't do. how to do, how to do it and when to do it because you have a guide to refer to. Further, setting boundaries limits you from saying some things that you know will upset your partner.

Don't unleash past mistakes

Unleashing past mistakes in a recent argument means you did not entirely get over it, and there was no genuine forgiveness and resolution.  Always move forward and not backwards.

Forgive easily

Don't be the partner who holds grudges without letting go. If your partner apologises for a mistake done, let them know you have forgiven them and allow both of you a fresh start. Sorry is a magic word for any conflict resolution.

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