How to Raise a Healthy Eater

  • PublishedAugust 16, 2018

It’s frustrating for parents when their kids insist on having chocolate, ice cream and other types of sweet food every meal time. Getting children to eat healthy food can be tedious but there are various ways to do this easily.

Making healthy meals as also become an issue for parents as they prefer the quick-to-go-to junk food. However, we should remember that health eating is vital in boosting your child’s immune system.

It is thus important to teach your children good eating habits that ensures they get the nutrients they need for proper growth. Here are some effective ways:

Eat together when possible

Dining together with your child teaches them to develop great eating habits. When they see you eating healthy food at dinner, they may end up doing so themselves. Since most families consume fruits and vegetables at dinner your child will benefit from the nutrients. They are also more likely to eat healthily once they live on their own.

Don’t force them to finish food

Most parents are known to beg their children to take one more bite when they refuse to eat. However, this is not advisable as meal times are supposed to be less stressful for kids. If they insist they are full, let them be. They will most likely come back and eat more at then next meal. This will even it out. Allowing them to do that will enable your kids to listen to their own internal eating cues.

Avoid using reward foods

Do not let your child believe that vegetables are not great food by giving them “good stuff” after they finish eating. Do not tell them to finish their cabbage so that they can eat chocolate. They will grow up regarding vegetables as nasty food. Teach them to get excited with vegetables and fruits not just sugary food. Do not let them believe that sugar is a treat food.

Involve children in your meals

Give your child a little control over her food choices. These must be healthy food though. When they feel in control with the decision making they will be happier eating healthy. You can even involve them in cooking by pouring and stirring. This will encourage them to eat what they are served. In future they will also want to make similar meals if not better.

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