How to slow your aging process and keep yourself young

How to slow your aging process and keep yourself young
  • PublishedMarch 9, 2021

Do you ever look at some people and wonder, “this person never ages, and they look the same way they did ten years ago!” I know what comes up in your mind when I say this, is Morgan Freeman! Our very own Wahu! Jenifer Lopez! Pharrell Williams! Joho! (just kidding or am I right?)

First of all, just to keep you on the know, Pharrell is suddenly out of that bracket (I saw from one of his recent shows, age is catching up and showing up!)

Well don’t get too excited, today’s topic isn’t about Pharrell Williams or Joho, let’s save them for another day. Today we need to talk about how we can help ourselves and be the one that people are actually wondering how you’re still keeping it young and sexy even at your age!

Look younger with these homemade anti-aging remedies
Snail mucus or mucin is high in protein, hyaluronic acid and antioxidants which helps delay ageing by repairing the damage caused by the sun.

I’ll tell you how, by taking care and protecting your body, mind and soul.  When I say taking care and protecting, I don’t say you live fearfully and limited. No, No, No. Here’s what I mean:


I’ll begin with the most basic things which we are always reminded often

Eat healthy and well-balanced food

Well, I can’t help but drop the cliché here, we are what we eat! That will never change. Incorporate foods that will boost your immune system, such as foods rich in vitamin C which will also help your skin. Foods rich in collagen as well such as pawpaw and cabbage.

Foods rich in antioxidants, they include most colourful fruits and vegetables such as: tomatoes, oranges, yellow bell pepper, watermelon, carrots and many more. Antioxidants protect your cells from damage by free radicals.

The beauty diet: Foods for healthy skin and hair
To achieve that glossy hair, skin glow and strong nails, go for foods rich in proteins.

Apply sunscreen daily

We often undermine the power of UV rays on our skin if not protected. They cause so much damage enough to cause premature aging of your skin due to formation of wrinkles. Therefore, always, I insist, wear sunscreen.

Exercise on a regular basis

A study by The University of Texas in 1966, known as The Dallas Bed Rest and Training study, put five men in their 20s on a three week bed rest. After the study, the researchers found that they each had a faster resting heart rate, their body fat had increased, higher blood pressure than before and there was a reduction in their muscle strength. These were signs of health conditions of men above 40.

Then they were put in another eight-week exercise program and the results were astonishing. Some measurements were better than those taken before their bed rest. 50 years later a study was done on the same men. At that age they all had the same results they had after the bed rest. The researchers put them in a six-month exercise program called endurance training. That is jogging, walking and cycling. The results had a 100 per cent reversing effect on all the conditions they had.

This study is evidence for how much simple exercise such as endurance and stretching exercises can make a huge difference and reverse/slow your aging process.

Need to improve your memory? Try yoga
People who practice yoga know it can help keep their bodies in better shape but research suggests that yoga improves parts of the brain that controls memory, attention and mood.

Types of endurance exercise include: jogging, walking, cycling, swimming, aerobics, golfing (make sure you walk through the course) and racquet sport i.e. tennis and badminton.

Stretching exercises include yoga.

At least 30 minutes a day or three to four hours a week of either of these exercises shall make a huge difference in your life.

Quit smoking and reduce your alcohol intake

Smoking really fastens your aging process besides causing cancer. It makes the blood vessels in the outermost part of the skin to narrow therefore inhibiting enough blood flow, which is meant to nourish and renew skin cells through nutrients and oxygen in the blood.


Eliminate negativity in your life

Negativity or stress can drag you down mentally which in the long-run affects your physical health. Leading to complications such as blood pressure and diabetes which may eventually cause you to lose your life.

A positive mind keeps you happier and successful in your endeavors in life therefore this is a strong factor in keeping it young and slowing down aging.

Don’t worry much be happy!

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Meditation gives you peace of mind therefore reducing stress and allows you to live in the present. Stress is such a great contributor in aging. Just an observation that I feel supports my theory, do you see how presidents look before they get the job and after? Because of the stress that comes with the position, by the time they are done they look older than they are.


Same as most mind practices:

Avoid negative energy and people: it’s bad for your soul.

Meditate, it nourishes your soul.

Maintain and feed your spirituality through religion.

We are all dependent on spirituality because it is our source of life. It enables us face each day with courage and hope.

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Some of these practices will not only help in slowing down your aging process but will also help in heightening your life span. With so many issues on the rise that shorten our time here on earth you can only live doing your part. Living in a way that favours your soul, body and mind.

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