If you are one of those people who admire high heels, but just can’t get around wearing a pair, this article is for you! Learning how to  walk in heels has a technique to it, that pretty much anybody can master if they approach with the right attitude and effort.

Pick the right shoes

Having the right pair of shoe forms the foundation of your ease to walk in them Make sure the heels fit perfectly, not too small not too big. If you are a beginner, go for a moderate height, like 2-3 inch heels. The better you get, the higher you can go with your heels, but do not be overly ambitious in the beginning. Also, pick heels with platforms over those that do not, they give your feet better support and improve comfort.

Maintain the right posture

learn how to properly stand and maintain your balance in heels. You should neither slouch nor lean back too much, or you will look weird walking in them.

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Walk around the house

Before you build enough confidence to walk outside with your heels, practice around house a few times a week. Experiment with different surfaces when walking because nobody knows the kind of floor surface you will be walking when you finally decide to wear your heels out.

Invest in insoles

Comfort is key, and luckily, there are enough products in the market to facilitate that. Insoles will cushion your feet and prevent pain which is sometimes associated with wearing heels for the first time.

Do not wear them for too long

Heels are not day shoes! Do not walk in them for long distances. A go-to hack is to always have flat shoes handy to change into when you no longer need to wear the heels. Try to sit down in intervals if you do not have an extra pair of heels.

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