Comedienne Ann Kansiime has revealed that she paid her own bride price in order to ‘make it easy’ for Gerald Ojok to marry her, a decision she now regrets.

Speaking during a session with Nana Kaga on her Youtube channel, the actress reveals that she was blinded by love.

“I do not want to go into the details. I was married but you know how you end up paying some of it for yourself. It is sad, do not look at me like that, and I am now an empowered woman,” she said.

Moved in with him for a long time

She also said that having lived with her ex-husband for so long, she had to do chip in order to enable him to marry her. She now realises that a man has to take initiative when it comes to such things as bride price.

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“I accused someone of marrying me long enough for the whole world to believe it and him to believe it and I also believed it. Later when I realised that when you are married, it is when a man wakes up on his two feet, pays your bride price, takes you to church and then marries you; none of that had happened,” she said.

She has advised strongly against women paying their own bride price, saying that they might end up having the same resentment she now bears.

“I am saying this for anyone at home who is in a situation that they cannot leave because of what people will think, or if you are nearly getting married but you are tempted to contribute to that dowry. You will feel the way I am feeling,” says the actress who called it quits with her husband of 5 years in 2017.

Ann Kansiime shot to fame through her popular comedy series, Don’t Mess With Kansiime.