Kenyans in New Jersey are reeling from shock after a Kenyan couple was found dead in their home.

Mr Henry Okong’o and his wife Lydiah had gunshot wounds when they were found in separate rooms of their country village home on Monday morning.

They were pronounced dead at the scene.

The couple has been living in the 2 Mina Drive property for over a decade and neighbours are still confounded by the incident because, according to them, the Okong’os seemed “happy”.

However, some Kenyans in Jersey City, especially those who knew the couple, suspect the deaths could have been as a result of domestic violence.

They suspect Mr Okong’o might have shot his wife and then turned the gun on himself.

“Most of us who knew the couple very well know that they have had a tough marriage,” Said Dr George Omburo, one of the SDA church elders.