Murang'a Senator proposes punitive amendments targeting deadbeat dads

  • PublishedOctober 31, 2019

Murang’a Senator Irung’u Kang’ata has proposed amendments on the Children’s Act that if implemented,    deadbeat fathers will be barred from leaving the country for business. If the said deadbeat dads are business men, he proposes, their licenses should be suspended by the county assembly.

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The proposed amendments  also advocates for the dead beat fathers to be listed in Credit Reference Bureau [CRB] until they pay child support. It says credit reference bureaus should give adverse ratings for deadbeat fathers, and rank them worse if they had defaulted on loans.


Murang’a Senator Irung’u Kang’ata

Further consequences include being barred from receiving a Certificate of Good Conduct from Kenya Police Service. This might affect their ability to secure employment because most employers require the certificate when offering employment.

Children`s Act

Section 23 of the Children’s Act provides for parental responsibility and highlights the duties.

Among the duties it lists is maintaining the child and in particular providing him or her with adequate diet, shelter, clothing, medical care and education and guidance.

There is also a duty to protect the child from neglect, discrimination and abuse.

The proposed legislation also says employers should play a role in ensuring all male employees take care of their children financially.

Public backlash

However, there have been mixed reactions about this proposed bill, some saying that it is not necessary.

“We have enough laws in this country. There are also enough judgements that if effectively enforced, the problem would be perfectly handled. So this legislative proposal is not well thought through,” social justice activist Wanjiru Nderu has maintained.

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