New Zealand speaker Trevor Mallard recently babysat a lawmaker’s baby as he took part in the parliamentary debate. It is a move that has melted hearts and earned him admiration all over the world.

The baby’s father, Labour MP Tāmati Coffey, had just gotten back from his paternity leave. He sat close by as the speaker cradled his son. The speaker showed exceptional multitasking skills as he skillfully bottle-fed the tot while presiding over the debate.

He later tweeted about the incident, stating that while his seat was only reserved for Presiding Officers, a VIP had joined him that day.

New Zealand speaker babysits
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Speaker Mallard, a father of three, is known for his love for babies. Back in 2017, he also held the daughter of MP Willow-Jean Prime. The babies seem to love him back given how calm they are in his arms.

Women Rep thrown out of Parliament

It is becoming increasingly common for lawmakers to bring their children to parliament. More and more organizations are coming  to terms with their members being parents. However, you cannot pull such stunts in Kenya. When Kwale Women Representative brought her baby to parliament, she was immediately thrown out by the speaker (Read the whole story here).

This incident not only drew mass criticism but also sparked  conversation on the provisions for women with babies in workplaces in Kenya.