(R)Former Nyeri First Lady, Margaret Karungaru  Photo/Courtesy Daily Nation

The owner and the handler of the dogs that mauled the late Nyeri governor’s Nderitu Gachagua’s 2-year-old grandson have been charged in court with negligence in the handling of the pets.

Anthony Gathara and his employee, John Njuguna Muriithi, denied the charges and were released on bond of Kshs 200,00 or cash bail on Kshs 100,000.

The late Gachagua’s grandson identified as Wilson Ngatia was playing in his grandmother’s compound when the dogs attacked.

According to Gachagua’s widow, Maragert Karungaru, Wilson was playing in the compound as she kept watch. The dogs then appeared as if out of nowhere and pounced on her grandson ferociously. She tried using sticks and stones to ward them off to no avail.

Neighbours came to the rescue after hearing her cries for help, eventually managing to drive the dogs away.

The boy was pronounced dead shortly after arrival at Outspan Hospital.

The dogs were said to be guarding a construction site nearby but it is unclear how they gained entry into the compound.

Nyeri OCPD Muinde Kioko said that the dogs are in custody of a government veterinary officer for monitoring.

The dogs, if found to be constantly violent, will be put to death.