Parents of Andrey, 3, and Maksim, 2, did the unexpected as they dumped them at a homeless camp in Ukraine, alongside drunkards for a week so that they can ‘get rest’.

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The teenage parents, mother Bozhena Synychka, 20, and father Volodymyr Zaitsev, 25 ‘grew tired’ of looking after the children and decided to abandoned them naked and barefoot at the camp.

Father Volodymyr Zaitsev, 25

“The parents left the children with me and claimed they will come back after 20 mins to pick them but never returned,” said Sergey, a homeless man at the camp.


Olena Tashevska, who was passing by was concerned at seeing the two children sleeping filthy blankets, dirty and naked decided to call the police and paramedics to the scene.

“The children are suffering from viral infectious disease and malnutrition. They are also very weak and can barely walk,” said Taisa kilimenko, Pediatrician, Zaporizhia Children’s Hospital.

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“The boys were constantly hungry and foraged for food on the nearest beach delving into litter bins and drinking water from the river,” said police spokeswoman Dina Kurnikova.

investigations ongoing

Investigations into the incident have started with the parents facing up to 5 years imprisonment and stripped off parental rights with the children staying in the orphanage till the case is determined.