There has been a lot of cases of questionable  videos being embedded into legitimate content for kids on YouTube. One such example is a character called Momo that shows children how to kill themselves or even hurt people around them.

YouTube has now embarked to ensure that they filter content and take down this malicious content as fast as they can. That is the first of many as there are several of these made in the dark web and released into the world.

Here’s what you can do to ensure that your children watch legitimate and safe content:

Pre-watch Videos

Pre-watch any videos that your child might be interested in watching to ensure that it’s safe. Also, find out if it’s downloadable so that your child can watch it offline. This will also help prevent your kids from manoeuvring to other videos.

Create a safe playlist

Put safe content for your children on a YouTube playlist. This will make your work easier whenever they want to watch many videos for a period of time. You can also download content on a flashdrive and insert it on your computer or T.V for them to watch without you having to worry about what they are watching.

Screen lock

You can also use a screen locking app. this will help control how your kids use these devices by helping them avoid pressing on other videos on the screen accidentally.

Turn off autoplay

When your kids are watching videos on YouTube, turn off autoplay. This will ensure that you are always prompted to load a video for them before they can watch thereby ensuring that you pick safe videos.

Inform others

It takes a village to raise your children and it’s therefore ideal to inform people to help raise your kids. You can even inform and train your neighbours and caregivers to avoid exposing your kids to questionable content.

Be present

Watch kids programs with your children so that you may know what your child is learning from them and whether it’s beneficial to them. You can also block certain T.V channels if you are not sure about their content. Use strong passwords to block questionable channels.

Flag offensive Videos

Be proactive. Once you find a questionable video on YouTube take the matter up immediately by flagging the content as inappropriate. YouTube will then take appropriate action on the offensive channel.