Single? You can still enjoy the holidays

Holidays can be a sore reminder of your current single status. Nonetheless, they need not be a drag. You can still have fun, and lots of it. Read on to

  • PublishedMarch 14, 2017

Holidays can be a sore reminder of your current single status. Nonetheless, they need not be a drag. You can still have fun, and lots of it. Read on to find out how.

Maybe you had a break-up during the year, or you hoped to meet someone special sometime this year but it didn’t happen. Whatever your situation, being single over the holidays can be a little bit lonely, especially for those living far away from their families. Sometimes it may be no better for those with families that are constantly asking you when you will bring someone home, or when you plan to settle down, thus reminding you of your ticking biological clock and how close you are to turning 40.  Commercials also don’t make things any better at this time of year, as they are at their loudest, telling you what to get for him or her.

Being alone, however, doesn’t mean being lonely. Don’t wallow in self-pity. Learn how to maximize on time spent with one of the most important people to you – yourself. If you’re feeling a little bit under the weather this holiday, there are a number things you could do.

Adjust your attitude. Embrace your individuality. Life doesn’t only happen when you’re a pair. A relationship, though a great thing, is not what will give meaning to your life. Neither will you die if you happen to spend Christmas without your arms around someone else’s. Use your time alone, even over the holidays to develop yourself, and work on becoming emotionally mature. Learn to love and appreciate yourself, warts and all. It’s not the easiest thing to do, especially if you are still reeling from a break-up but it is possible and worth the effort.

Take time to give to others. Instead of moping around and thinking about how alone you are, why not give to those without much reason to celebrate? You could donate to charities or even do some shopping for individuals in need that you may be aware of. You could also give your time by volunteering at a children’s home or any other place that may need assistance. Apart from taking the focus off yourself and your issues, this will enable you to gain a healthy perspective on life and give you a great sense of fulfilment, knowing that you have touched someone else’s life.

Celebrate the people in your life. Your family and friends are people to be thankful for. These are important relationships that you should never disregard, whether or not you’re single. You may not always be in good terms but cherish them, always. Enjoy all of your relationships fully. Spend time with your family and friends. Talk about the good times you’ve shared, cook, share meals, play games and travel together, among other activities that you enjoy.

Plan an activity with friends. Get a group of friends together and organise a road trip to a place you’ll all enjoy.  Events are in plenty at this time of year. Attend several that you may find enjoyable with your friends. You could also organise a party, potluck, sleepovers, or other activity with your friends.

Be good to yourself. Being single gives you a lot of time and resources to invest in your own wellbeing and indulge in personal pleasures. You can spend all of your time as you see fit, so while you’re giving to others, give to yourself as well. Use your holiday time to unwind and relax. Buy yourself something nice. Take part in positive activities that bring you joy and happiness. Engage in your hobby if possible, go to a spa, and watch your favourite movies and TV shows, among other activities you love.

Reflect and plan. Don’t spend your time blaming yourself or other people for your current state. Forgive yourself for whatever wrong choices you may have made and work on moving forward. Plan, set goals, and reorganise different areas of your life.


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