Teachers, workers cleared by DNA test in Moi Girls' rape saga

  • PublishedJuly 16, 2018

The mystery of Moi Girls School, Nairobi rape incident is deepening. This is after the clearing of male teachers and workers by DNA analysis results.

The Government Chemist released the DNA results on Tuesday evening after about a month of analyses on the DNA.

This was confirmed by Nairobi regional Director of Criminal Investigations Nicholas Kamwende. He said that the 107 samples taken did not match those taken from the defiled student.

“All the DNA samples collected from the male teachers and workers after the Moi Girls after the Moi Girls High School defilement saga have turned out negative,” said Kamwende.

Male teachers including workers were asked to undergo a mandatory DNA test earlier. This is because the investigators had suspected that the culprit was possibly an insider.

The alleged rape case led the school principal Jael Muriithi to opt for early retirement. This is after the parents accused her of poor leadership.

DNA tests carry are of significance in court than verbal submissions. This is because they place a suspect at the scene of the crime or they can be used to absolve them.

This preliminary findings validate a report from the Kenya Union of Post Primary Education Teacher’s (Kuppet). The Kuppet report suggested that the sexual assault could have been by a lesbian group.

The affected student may have been violated by inserting an object in her genitals against her will. This is according to sources in the school. However, the girl failed to name her violators.

Therefore, the school suspects that this may be out of fear or that she does not recall the identity of her attackers.

“The other girls wanted to teach her a lesson for rejecting them. There is a crop of lesbians in the school known to many of the students,” a Kuppet official was quoted by the Standard.

“Investigations are however ongoing with an aim of getting the attackers. This will determine the case,” said Kamwende.

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