Musa Mseleku, his four wives and 10 children are the stars of Mzansi Magic’s hit reality show Uthando Nes’thembu. The 43-year-old businessman from Kwazulu-Natal has been the center of controversy regarding his polygamist lifestyle.

The Mseleku family have boldly let people in on their life and daily struggles and have guarded the integrity of their family despite public opinion. The four wives, MaCele, Mayeni, MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe clearly fit the description unconventional, as they relate on a level beyond the co-wife status.

The women came into the marriage fully aware of Musa’s polygamy intentions. Infact, the last two wives; MaKhumalo and MaNgwabe were introduced to each other when they were still his girfriends. When asked about her relationship with Musa, MaNgwabe said that for her, it was all about love. “Sometimes women stop and ask me why or how I do it. They are baffled that I am a fourth wife. I try to explain to them that I made this choice. I love Musa and I get all that I need from our relationship,” she said, in an interview with TshisaLIVE.

Mr. Mseleku says he chose polygamy because he would like to have 20 children. His vision has however had it’s fair share of challenges. His third wife MaKhumalo has openly shared her struggles in child bearing in the series. In a recent episode, Musa consulted his wives over his intentions to marry a fifth wife, stating that he is still set on having a big family.

Despite public opinion about his character, Musa’s wives describe him as a loving, humble and respectful man who provides for his family.

Just like any polygamous family, the Mseleku family is no stranger to challenges. Their drama-filled lives may be entertaining to many, but they are set on expelling the myths that exist about polygamy. “We are grateful and humbled that South Africans really took us into their homes. We achieved what we had set out to do, which is create a dialogue around a lifestyle that most people tend to judge without understanding. And, it was only the beginning,” Musa said.